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Permanent Eyebrows


Ombre Powder is a method that creates a powder-filled brow with no harsh front or outline. This shadowing technique lasts longer and can be buildable from light to dark. The final healed result is a filled brow similar to the look of makeup.

Eyebrow Treatment


Microshading is Ombre Powder shading with added hair strokes in the front. This is often a great choice for those with thinner eyebrow hair looking for a fluffier defined statement brow.

Eyebrows Makeup


Microblading is a 3D hair-like technique using a nano-blade for realistic hair strokes using microfine needles. This method is only suitable for those with dry to normal skin type and those with fluffy and full brow hairs.


Includes brow mapping, wax, shaping, brow fill-in, and highlight.


The full-face treatment! Waxing of the full face: Brows, lip, chin, cheeks.


Custom Spa Facials
Detox, Anti-aging, Acne, and many more facial options.

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